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Whole Body Advance CPR Manikin Style 550 (Male / Female)

Brand: China
Origin: China
Material: PVC

Advanced CPR Manikin Style 550 (Male / Female) Features:

The manikin is suitable for CPR and trachea intubation, it includes full-body and large screen color LCD computer monitor. CPR manikin feature: Advanced CPR Manikin Style 550 (Male / Female)
1) Clearly anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skin color, vivid appearance.
2) Simulate vital signs.
(a)Pupil state: contrast observation of pupils, one is dilated, the other one is contracted.
(b) Carotid artery response: simulate carotid artery pulse.
3) Open airway.
4) Can perform artificial breathing and external cardiac compression.

CPR instrument feature:

1) Available CPR training.
2) Electronic monitoring of compression site.
3) Indicators show inflation volume, correct inflation volume: 800-1200ml.
(a)Insufficient inflation volume, yellow indicator.
(b)Proper inflation volume, green indicator.
(c)Excessive inflation volume, red indicator.
4) Indicators show compression depth: correct compression depth: 4-5cm.
(a)Insufficient compression depth, yellow indicator.
(b)Proper compression depth, green indicator.
5) Voice Prompt.
6) Operation rate: ≥100 times/min.
7) Operation cycle: 2 valid inflation after 30 valid compression, 5 cycles.
8) Set the operating time, values in seconds.

Trachea Intubation:

1) Can instruct and practice endotracheal intubation, through the correct depth, angle, and pressure of insertion Defibrillation Chest Skin

Packing: 1pcs/carton, 94x38x58cm, 22kgs

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